CBMC India

In India it appears that God is increasingly utilizing problematic situations: whether in Business or struggling family relationships or troubled finances or increasing health concerns to turn people's hearts back to him.

Christian Business Mentors Council of India was started in the year 1998 by a pioneer team of Business and Professionals in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. The only desire to build up a dedicated team of Christian Business and Professional leaders with significant influence, seeking transformation of all aspects of their lives towards the character of Christ and helping them to replicate this in the lives of others, leading to the sustained transformation of families, businesses and community. It was eventually chartered in 2006 as a national ministry.


  • Consistent prayer for the lost
  • Intentional evangelism in our relationships and in our spheres of influence
  • Bible based relational discipleship resulting in spiritual reproduction
  • Spiritual leadership empowered by serving
  • Ministry effectiveness increased through teamwork
  • Biblical principles integrated in personal, home and business life.
  • Effectiveness flowing out of intimacy with Christ