About Us

The Need

Perhaps the most difficult group of people to reach in the world are business and professional people, who from the world's standards "Have it all". However, in reality many of them are bankrupt spiritually...yet remain unnoticed.

In a country like India where there is so much visible material poverty, this problem is even more acute. The wealth and affluence of the business person actually works against him in that he is seen as "having everything"! And hence doing well! Few are able to look beyond the glitter and "see" the unmet spiritual, relational and emotional needs. It is this need that we see and seek to meet.

A tested method

Business and professional people have their own language. Like with any message, the Gospel is best understood when presented by those who speak the same language and understand the same pressures of the business world.



To present Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord to business and professional people


To develop business and professional people to carry out the Great Commission

Light & Salt

To 'serve' business and professional people as followers of Jesus