Greetings in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I would like to share a miracle in my life during this pandemic. On 5th July 2020 the company which I was working work got suspended for trading. There was a question of whether I'd be able to continue my job or not. God reminded of the famine in Isaac’s life which ended up making him prosperous. He reminded Habakkuk 2:4 to me which says “But the righteous will live by faith”.

I was hoping to buy a home but at the middle of the work problem I was not sure. I got this Word from God again and again and so took steps for it and started looking for houses. God spoke to me through Rev. Jason’s Daily Manna devotion as well which talked about Genisis 24:31 “I have the house and a place for the camels”. A builder from our church had showed a land and I went to see the land and I liked it and my wife was crying because God had already spoken to her through Song of Solomon 7:10 -12 and we noticed that one tree around the house is a pomegranate tree as the verse mentions and that was a confirmation from God. The builder was a believer and had a promise with the Lord that if a believer asked for the house he would ask for 2 lakhs lesser than the original price.

Suddenly my boss said that our salaries will not come. I answered him and said “Man shall not live by the bread but by the Word comes by God”. We then bought the house and now we have started a tuition centre to evangelize to the two villages near by. Please pray that the expansion of the Kingdom of God will come through us. All glory to the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ

Mr. JP Ajith Samuel

I am Sam Devavaram from Madurai and I’m into the Restaurant business. I am sharing how God is faithful particularly during this pandemic period.

During the fist lockdown last year I got stuck in a foreign land where my wife and I went to visit our children and due to the cancellation of flights to India we got stuck there for 4 months. Simultaneously we had many challenges in our business at Madurai. During the first wave, the government ordered total lockdown, to close all restaurants but God gave exemption only to our restaurant since we have a business tie up with 2 hospitals treating COVID-19 patients to supply food there. In this way God was faithful in meeting our needs. And after 4 months God opened Vandhe Bharath evacuation program and through that we could reach India. It was a tightly packed small air craft and yet God was faithful in protecting us from the deadly virus. All glory to Him alone.

During this 2nd wave of the pandemic we are facing lockdown with only home delivery and take away options. Praise God that so far the government has not imposed complete lockdown. The COVID-19 hospitals started giving their food orders and we started supplying them. God is so faithful in keeping His promises.

The CBMC weekly small groups are the place where I get my drained emotional batteries charged by the encouragement of our fellow brothers and the Word of God. We are very confident, but not arrogant, and we confess that HE who in me is greater than the problems and challenges I face.Amen

Mr. Sam Devavaram

Since last year COVID-19 has confined us within the walls of our homes. Mumbai has been the worst hit city in India in both the waves of the pandemic. One can easily imagine how we in Mumbai have been gripped in fear. Business also came to a near naught for almost six months during the first lockdown period. God is always our refuge and strength. He protects us everyday according to His promise that we find in Psalm 91:10&11, 'No harm will overtake you; no disaster will come near your tent. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.' He, according to His promise, takes care of us. Though our business declined, God continued to bless us by a steady flow of revenue during the pandemic period from one of our consulting assignments that resumed operations in the various Indian middle-sized and small town markets where lockdown was relaxed. We thank Him and Him alone. CBMC meetings have been a much sought-after fortnightly time with God - a time to submit our prayers of supplication not only for our businesses but also for the members of our families. Our Lord is always a prayer-answering God, rich in mercy and abounding in love.

Dr. Gibson Vedamani, CEO, Retail Solutions & Learning Technologies LLP - Mumbai

As I look back over the last one year, I realize that it is not a single or a few big things that God has done in my life, but many small steps building on the base of the past. I will be sharing two things.

First and foremost, God has brought home so sharply the gift of life that He has given me and to humanity, and how lightly we take it. He impressed upon me the Psalmists’ repeated cry “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.” Every breath that the 7.5 billion people all over the world take every minute testifies to His Lovingkindness by provision of life and His grace of holding back judgement. Praise God that in Jesus He has given us life and love!

Secondly He has impressed upon me the great need for prayer and His counsel through His Word in all that I do. Through this He has graciously granted me insights which I have entrusted to His Will and Purpose to bear fruit, trusting in Him. Through this time God has strengthened our faith, mine and my family’s. We praise God!

Mr. Colin Dawson

Greetings friends, I want to share my testimony and what God has done during this pandemic time in my business and in CBMC.

Since 2019 our CBMC fellowship group members have meetin our office every Saturday. Around 10 business professionals used to gather. Unfortunately, due to the COVID 19 situation we were forced us to move our fellowship online to Zoom and we had 4-5 people joining and praying for each other. God blessed our online fellowship and slowly people from other parts of the world started joining in. From 4-5 members in Zoom our group gradually increased and now we have around 90 members in our WhatsApp group, joining from other Indian states, Qatar, US, Australia, Singapore, Mongolia, Hongkong, Benin and Sri Lanka. It is phenomenal and orchestrated by God alone.

We have made initiatives to invite CBMC board members, business and professional leaders from across the globe to come speak in our group and also started Conversation Series an interactive and engaging session. Many businessmen and professionals are being blessed. God has increased our group from an 8 member group in March 2020 to a 100+ group in May 2021. All Glory to God.

On the business front, our organization skill wise was doing very minimal business during the lockdown period and our cash flow and business prospects were badly hit. But God is so good and He opened online sessions for our company and also helped us to increase our client base during this time. Above all since the last year our entire employees are working from home and God is providing us on time to all our salaries on time. All glory to God.

CBMC Friends, we need to increase our reach and add more potential members and more fellowship groups, to support each other in prayer, motivate and mentor new members to join in our respective CBMC Fellowships. May God bless you and use you as a channel of blessing.

Mr. Bastian Babu

We have much to be thankful for this past year, for provision through uncertainty, for continued employment and for new doors of work and service when all around it seems to be moving in the opposite direction.

One specific area where we have experienced the Lords faithfulness has been in my travels. As some of you know my work requires me to commute weekly from Mumbai to Delhi, yet despite all the flights, multiple taxis, crowded spaces and hotels the Lord has kept me and our family safe from the virus. This is only the Lords doing and itis marvelous in our eyes.

Mr. Nathan Andrews

Greetings in the most precious name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
This Covid-19 has taught me the following lessons:

  • 1. Patience
  • 2. God is our protector
  • 3. God is our provider

As this new year started as usual and we planned to visit our daughter’s family in Austin Texes for 30 days holiday and we landed there on 5th March. But from 20th March President Trump announced total lockdown and we got stuck. First we thought before April end international travel will be opened, then we thought before May end but nothing happened. Our only option was vandhe bharat evacuation flights and subsequently we registered with Indian embassy USA and waiting patiently, 1st and 2nd evacuation schedules we were not selected but by His grace in the 3rd evacuation schedule we were selected among the 1,25,000 registered stranded Indians, in mid June after 105th days of our stay. Then the covid -19 was in its peak at usa and thousands were dying everyday and we had to travel 1000miles inland to take the flight to India but we could feel God’s wonderful protection and His strength in us. It was about 6hrs flight from Austin to Sanfrancisco and then from Sanfrancisco to Delhi 16hours. Then at Delhi for clearing formalities it took 9hrs and God was gracious to sanction home quarantine at Madurai. Then getting the e- pass issue at 12 midnight to travel from Delhi to Madurai via Coimbatore was a big challenge. Bro.Samson at midnight 12, he was helping me to apply but he said only if a miracle happens that we will get since the e-pass sanctioning office works from 9am to9pm.but we needed it before 6am since my flight to Coimbatore from delhi was at 6am. God is so wonderful i could get e-pass within 30 minutes at midnight. Then we did fly to Coimbatore and to Madurai by road and we reached at 1pm. God is so good in giving us extra strength and energy for this strenuous long journey(total travel and waiting time from Austin to Madurai nearly 48 hrs). We thank God who gave us extra strength, protection (Covid-19 test result was negative) and provision during these 110 days.

As you all know we run restaurants and my wife has a 20 bedded private (ob gyn) nursing home. God took care of our profession and people perfectly. Even though during lockdown our restaurants could do only takeaways and our sales was only 30% of normal sales but God provided to pay salary to all staff and retain them all and all our commitments. One more thing for our rented buildings from April to till date the rental income is zero. To the glory of our Lord, non of our staff till date affected by covid-19. And from last month onwards God opened new business opportunities for our restaurants by signing contract with 4 private covid-19 hospitals to supply food for their covid -19 affected patients and duty doctors from breakfast to dinner. God opens new ways when there is no way. All glory to Him alone.

Mr. D.Sam Devavaram - Madurai

Greetings to all in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 2 Corinthians 12:9 says, “But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Likewise the Wonderful Lord performed great miracles in my life too

The Lord gracious blessed us with the fruit of the womb in the month of September. All went well till when in the month of April the scan report showed a cyst in the the left side of the baby. We were devastated when we heard it but we believed that the Lord will work wonders and will dissolve it completely. The same way the cyst appeared just like an additional growth of skin and nothing like the dimension they had mentioned in the scan.

Due to the pandemic my mother in law could not come here to tend to my wife. We kept this in the prayer and Jesus miraculously opened a path for my mother in law to come to madurai at the right time and in good health on 10th June.

I would like to thank each and everyone for upholding us in your prayers. Glory be to the Lord Almighty

Mr. Joel Sounderaj - Madurai

Glory to the Name of the Lord.

By the grace of the Lord , we were able to meet our needs with prayers both in family as well as in the business during the period of lockdown too. The new project launched out since Dec 2019 could not be completed till Mar 2020 even after so much efforts on marketing,editing,annexing etc.day ad night in the way of Business development.

It took a few more months for successful completion during June 1st week as the curb being eased stage by stage.The printed materials were made available for supply to the schools, So as to reach the hands of the students and parents at the appointed hour. In addition to it we could meet the debt around 70% within the stipulated time,by the grace of the Lord.God is so wonderful that He leads us in miraculous ways in every kind of awful situation with comfort and our favour, While we submit ourselves meekly in His hands

Mr. Jestus - Madurai

I would like to thank everyone at CBMC for backing me with prayer.

I would like to write about how I have been blessed during these covid times in both personal / ministry & my official life.

Personal - My view has always been that I work sincerely & waith for ministry/preaching opportunities. During this time - I started doing Zoom talks based on the Bible on every Saturday at 5pm. Though only a few people (6 to 21) attend, the youtube recordings reach thousands of people through social media. I praise God for helping me discover a new way of doing ministry in these times

Official - Though I work in huge company (10,000+ on role & 33000+ including contract) with huge manpower - God has protected my company with regards to covid. Though there have been nany positive covid cases - God is good to us that there are no fatalities. This is a real miracle of God's protection. Many life lessons learnt while sitting at home. Many seminars attended. Many blessings in the form of more time with family. Many other intangible blessings of God"s grace & provision. In the end of it, all we can say is, Praise The Lord

Mr. V. Chacko Jacob - Chennai

This is Olwin and I thank for this biblical based financial study. I’m really impressed by the teaching. It has changed my perspective in handling money. It has brought a new phase of understanding. The best thing that I have learnt was spending money is a spiritual decision. When I remember my past, I feel regret the way that I handled money. I have wasted my money and haven’t used it in a right attitude. However, after listening to your teaching I learnt how to spend money, and I have decided to use God’s resources more faithfully and truthfully. I once again thank Bro. Prince for this wonderful teaching

Mr.Olwin - Kolkata

It is an amazing opportunity to learn about the significance of finance and its management in God’s way. Since I manage finance in my work place, this study has given me extensive Knowledge to handle money and be accountable both in my personal life and in the secular life. I really thank Compass for giving an excellent training to believers to handle God’s resource in God’s way. I have learnt the importance in saving and giving generously. I determined to put everything that I have learnt into practice and try to fulfill the cause and the purpose of God ultimately.

Mrs. Susan - Haryana

I’m glad that God has enabled me to share my testimony. Recently, I and my husband Radhakrishnan accepted Christ as our savior. Through this study, we had a lot of changes in our life and business.

We run a shop and in that business many times me and my husband failed to be honest. As I was listening to the class, I felt guilty. Moreover, I was warned by God to be honest in all the aspect of my life.

Having a small business, we don’t give the tithe properly, we usually think about the profit and the investment that we need to make for the business. After attending this class, I decided to give my tithe correctly and give generously to the poor.

I had a feeling that everything that I own, belongs to me and I’m the owner of it. But today’s learning through Compass changed my perspective completely. I realized that everything belongs to God. I determined not to spend lavishly, but handle money with a conscious that God is watching over me and I’m accountable to God to every provision that He has given me.

Mrs. Manjula - Chennai

I thank compass for this amazing teaching. My Husband lost his job from BSNL, I have strained myself working overtime all these 11 months. Now I have gained insight not work over time. Instead I like to change my life style. I decided to live a content life with the income that God blessed us.

Mrs. Angel Merlin - Chennai

I have decided to be honest in my job. I will respect my boss and be faithful in accounting at my work. I have decided to save the money, which I have never done so far. I pledge today not to get into any debts. I will maintain my budget. I acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus in everything I am blessed with.


Attending the Stewardship program helped us to learn to budget. Recently we had our daughter’s wedding, we applied this learning practically in our life. By God’s grace we could able to manage everything within our budget. Though, we overshot a bit but some gifts helped us to remain within our spending budget. We thank God for Compass teaching

Mr.Thomas & Mrs. Selvi

I really thank God Almighty for this wonderful opportunity to learn a most valuable lesson from COMPASS ministry. When I heard about COMPASS is a program about finance management, I was not interested to go to the meeting. I felt that I have nothing to do with finance and was not interested. But when I attended the session, I came to know that it is not only about money but giving importance to God more than money. I realized God’s ownership in everything I have. I have learnt the importance in saving and giving. Above all I have learnt not to waste money.

It’s a privilege for me to know the importance to pass on this learning to my children. It is true that children’s heart is like a sponge that easily observes and learn the thing around them quickly. So, I felt that it is essential to pass on the right habit of handling money to my kids now itself. I was convinced by this compass study and realized that in everything we need to give importance to God.

However, two things influenced me from this stewardship program. Firstly, I realized God is the master and we as a steward need to maintain His possession properly. Secondly, we need to give this teaching to our children right in their young age. Because training the children in their early stage would make them have a right attitude in handling money. Now my child Joshua is doing some household work and we give money to him. He is saving it regularly. We are so happy and feeling blessed to be a part of COMPASS ministry. We are motivated to spread this teaching with others and hence we planned to startup another small group in the coming month. I believe that it would benefit all the participants definitely.

Mrs. Praveena - Chennai

I attend the compass small group at Sriperumbudur regularly. I am having my own business. Whenever my friends in business asks for a surety sign, without any second thought I have signed a lot of times. While I learnt that co-signing is against God’s Word, and I stopped doing it. I really thank Compass ministry for giving a valuable knowledge for a happy living.

Mr. Parthipan - Kanchipuram

I am working in a private limited Company and also involved in Real estate business. With an extra income through real estate, I earn a good amount every month. Therefore, I spend lavishly. But after attending Compass small group regularly at Sriperumbudur. I understood the value of money and the Provider who gives me. Therefore, I decided to be prompt in accounting back to God in everything that he has given back. During this time when I was attending this class, I was building a new house. Because of the teaching I learnt to make a proper investment and avoided unnecessary expenditure. God helped us to complete the house work in few days. I thank God for giving me a right teaching at a right time.

Mr. Rajasekar - Sriperumbudur

Right in the beginning of Lockdown March 22nd I ran out of job/ business opportunities and yet God enabled me in the most marvelous way to survive till date and has also given some ideas about how to thrive after the Lockdown. But the most important testimony is about God enabling me to radically increase daily time spent in Bible reading,Worship,Prayer,Thanksgiving, self examination,surrender and intentional planning about how to share the Gospel more and more with others and how to connect with fellow believers in mutual exhortation. Family prayer which used to be rare and extremely irregular is now being gradually brought into the groove! Another important thing is about my younger brother whom I had admitted to a deaddiction centre and there was much pressure from close relatives to release him before Lockdown was a reality. But since he was not yet healed I refused to get him released even though the rehab fee responsibility fell on my head. Now looking back I realise it was a great move by God because had he been outside he would have had a traumatic time and all of us would have been helpless even to find out his whereabouts

Mr. Jairaj David - Chennai

I work as a teacher in Pudukottai district and attend the brethren Church at Pudukottai. I felt immensely blessed in attending the 2 days online sessions of Compass. The study was truly an eye opener. The teaching made me feel guilty by the way I was handling money. When I go for purchasing anything, I would spend all the money I carry to the shop and buy more than my need for my family. However, this class has changed my perspective in handling money.

I didn’t value money and neither was wise in using it. But today I understood the importance of handling finance in God’s way. I realized that God is the owner of all my possession and I’m only the steward of His possession. In having this new learning, I decided to be faithful in handling money and be accountable in everything I spend. I learnt to be honest in everything. And be generous in my giving to the Lord from whatever He has given me.

We learnt this transforming lesson as a family, therefore, as a family we decided to apply this in our life. Thank you so much for this great knowledge. I will recommend this amazing study to my neighbours and friends. As I got benefited through this resource of Compass, I would like to share this biblical based financial study to others.

Mr. Selvam -Sivagangai

He is a young entrepreneur who came for CBMC and attended COMPASS Training. He does a lot of ministry with Blessing Youth Ministry as well. The Compass Training helped him to come out of Debts and helped him to minister better to others.

Mr. Sudarshan

He is a businessman who attended Compass Training at Chennai. He has been burdened by loans and Compass Training has given him hope and direction to come out of loans. He is a regular CBMC member now

Mr. Arun Kumar

Vijay had started a business of coaching in Pune. Soon he landed up in loans which were burdensome. He started attending Compass webinars and got direction to come handle his situation God’s way. He started attending CBMC meetings regularly and was given counsel about his business and work opportunities. He is now in a job and is trying to clear his loans.

Mr. Vijay

Selvam is a businessman from Mumbai. He was introduced to CBMC through Compass Webinars. He was able to find hope and direction through the CBMC meetings. Rajesh - Rajesh is an IT professional at Chennai. He attended the Compass small group study a couple of years ago. He is now a regular member of the CBMC meetings on Saturday mornings!

Mr. Selvam

Renji is a retired GM of sales. He is also a Cancer survivor. He attended the Compass Facilitators Training and is a regular member of CBMC on Saturday mornings. He has an interest in Training and is grateful for all the fellowship and networking opportunities he gets through CBMC. He attends all the COMPASS and CBMC meetings regularly. Shiva – Shiva attended a Compass Webinar and has become a regular member of CBMC. He is very interested in mentoring youth and is grateful for the opportunities through CBMC

Mr. Renji Abraham

He is a businessman who was introduced to COMPASS and then has become a member of CBMC for the Saturday morning sessions. He is facing a lot of challenges in the lock down which has affected his business. CBMC gives him a platform for encouragement and guidance

Mr. Rajkumar

Augustine is an administrator in a school at Pune. He was first introduced to COMPASS and has now become a member of CBMC for the Saturday morning sessions.Nabakishore- He is a Professor of Architecture and was introduced to COMPASS a couple of years ago. He often attends CBMC for the Saturday morning sessions. Navrajan Jacob- He is a government school teacher. He was introduced first to COMPASS and then to CBMC. He has now become a member of CBMC for the Saturday morning sessions.

Mr. Augustine

He is a Businessman and Trainer. He was introduced to COMPASS a couple of years ago. He often attends CBMC for the Saturday morning sessions. He has tried to start a CBMC group at Porur and has invited businessmen from there for some sessions.

Mr. Peter Christopher

It was a blessing to hear from Brother TIM, a familiar passage from scriptures (Palm Sunday to Resurrection) with a new perspective based on the days the events could have happened. It was an eye-opening learning session. The location for family workshop was ideally chosen, and the time off to roam around Kodaikanal as family with Children was a great experience.

Mrs. Prince - Kodaikanal Meet

The message was blessing and had stimulated visionary thoughts in me .Especially I liked the comparison of sermon relating walk of Jesus Christ after resurrection with our way of living & relationship. The meeting in total it was complete in all manners.

Mr. Paul Barnabas - Kodaikanal Meet

CBMC is a blessing to us which helps us as a business men to have personal relationships with God.. And also a guidelines in our businesses .

Mr. Bennet - Virudhu Nagar

We meet our CBMC brothers every Saturday morning for a wonderful time of praying, sharing and fellowship. The revelations God gives us when we study His word is deep, thought provoking and life changing. The most precious time is when we pray together for each other. We have witnessed sicknesses healed, family and business related prayers answered. We are amazed at how God is using us when we make ourselves available for Him. We thank God for CBMC.

Mr. Ajay Jeyaraj - Trichy

One huge motivation was that those who had heard about CBMC and those who had attended CBMC in some other centre were very positive about this ministry and they were eager to be a part of CBMC Coimbatore!

Mr. Franklin - Coimbatore

The Introduction of CBMC came as refreshment along with great surprise.I came to know about CBMC when I attended a conference in Kodaikanal.It was a time when I needed a break from work and that seminar really helped me to find the purpose of business that I am doing now and the purpose of God restored upon me through this business. I never expected that we will start a small group in my location Tenkasi but God helped me and Bro.Abilash to start a group here in Tenkasi, two weeks after the seminar in Kodaikanal which I was thirsting for really long days and lack of fellowship was disturbing me. But now CBMC is a great breakthrough in my spiritual life which made me clearly understand that this is the time I need to minister and not to be ministered.

Gabriel - Tenkasi

I was introduced to CBMC by my brother in law (Mr. JebaKkani) who has been attending the gathering for the past few years. Being a Christian gathering I eagerly started attending the meetings. I would like to to Mention 3 key points that CBMC has influenced in my life.
1. God is the owner of my business. Being born and raised in a Christian family, I know God is the creator of everything, but when it comes to business I use to think that I'm the owner and God is helping me with the business. But coming to CBMC gave me the right perspective about the business - God is the owner and I am His Supervisor or the Representative of that Business. The former thought made me stressful at times, but the later gave me peace of mind, since He(God) is taking care of everything and He is in complete control over everything that is happening as mentioned in Phil 1:6 (Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will continue to perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.)
2. Two way communication Usually while sharing the word of God, it will be a One Way Communication and even when we don't agree with the things we hear, we are bound to keep ourselfs quite and listen to what is been preached. But in CBMC we have got the privilege of two way communication, to clear our doubts then and there it arises which is very much helpful for me in growing deep in the scriptures.
3. Preaching CBMC also gave me a Stage to Share the Word of God(Preaching), which actually for me is a big deal, helping me in breaking the stage fear and share my scriptural insight with others.
Praise God for CBMC. Hats off to the CBMC team in carrying out such wonderful ministries and reaching out Business men. I am glad I am a part of it now.

-Mr. Inbakanth

Mr Markkandeyan, 32 years old, was born with normal eyesight like every others. He enjoyed his vision until the age of 10. He lost his vision totally when he was 12 years of age, due to denied illness. God who cares for the uncared led him to a Christian Blind School, and he was nurtured there till class 8. As a teen, he produced scented sticks (agarbathis) and earned lot of money. Soon he became an alcoholic and a smoker. Then he was found to have TB and was counting days to breathe his last. A pastor prayed and led him to Christ. He regained his health miraculously. Since then, he started to grow in the Lord's fellowship and weekly leadership meetings. He found his purpose of living - to present and reveal Christ to the fellow brethren. Since then, he started to serve the Lord in order to redeem his fellow brothers in Madurai, who are still in darkness not only due to their blindness but because of their ignorance of the true Light - Jesus! He faithfully ministries to the blind every day, now! Leading them to the Light!

- Mr Markkandeyan

Mr. Augustine Sangma, a business man from Tura, Meghalaya, after attending the leadership conferences, he says that he was able to understand the purpose of God in his business. He feels that he has a role to play in the expansion of Kingdom of God at the marketplace. He started organising Bible camps for the church dropouts, and for the drunkards in his area. In one such camp on March '14, he witnessed about 30 drunkards who accepted Jesus Christ and decided to attend the church regularly. Today, Mr. Augustine is very active in the mission work beside his regular business.

- Mr. Augustine Sangma

Mr. Samuel Mashi from Chandigarh he is the managing director of Blue Bell catering PVT Limited. When he came to know about CBMC fellowship in the year 2013, he jointed and attendent the group regularly. Day by day God increased his territory. Now he's well known caterer in this region. Recently he opened a new restaurant in Chandigarh and in that restaurant he has opened for CBMC fellowship group to be conducted regularly. Under his company 200 staffs are working he is passionate for their blessings.

- Mr. Samuel Mashi

Praise be to my Lord Saviour ! By His immeasurable grace ,the participation in CBMC commenced from Jan 2015, the study and the discussions followed, opened my spritual eyes to the depth in the verses and made me sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Besides sessions and counsellings conducted were very fruitful. The counselling on handling depts was indeed appealing. It helped me to control and overcome some of my financial crisis.The sessions have moulded my personality to be in Christ and to be a bold witness to others. Bro.Richard's humble approach and teaching reached me, and his words GOD IS AT WORK keeps ringing in my ears. Earlier I thought spritual life and business are separate. But through this fellowship in CBMC I came to know that spirituality & business can be merged and we can prove to be a God's tool and witness at work. I thank god for this oppurtunity!!. By Dr. C. Vasanth Thomas. CBMC meetings and seminars taught many more lessons to my personal and business life. It gives me more intimacy with Jesus Christ and also shaping my medical practice. My partner in business cheated me last year. I was not able to forget his cheating. I was not able to concentrate in my practice. More tension occupied my mind. I prayed for that problem but was not able to come over it.

- Dr. C. Vasanth Thomas

One fine day I attended CBMC meeting. Jesus spoke with me to forgive him from Mathew chapter 18:21, 22. Suddenly my heart broke and I prayed to Jesus; God please help me to forgive my partner who cheated me in my business. Also we prayed for him and his family. Now I am able forget all his cheatings. My mind relaxed and able to concentrated in my regular activities and family prayer. I got back from him, that maximum lost amount. God leads us in the right way through CBMC. Thank God and thank CBMC.

- Dr. M. Vijayaraghavan.