It was a blessing to hear from Brother TIM, a familiar passage from scriptures (Palm Sunday to Resurrection) with a new perspective based on the days the events could have happened. It was an eye-opening learning session. The location for family workshop was ideally chosen, and the time off to roam around Kodaikanal as family with Children was a great experience.

Prince - Kodaikanal Meet

The message was blessing and had stimulated visionary thoughts in me .Especially I liked the comparison of sermon relating walk of Jesus Christ after resurrection with our way of living & relationship. The meeting in total it was complete in all manners.

Paul Barnabas - Kodaikanal Meet

CBMC is a blessing to us which helps us as a business men to have personal relationships with God.. And also a guidelines in our businesses .

Bennet - Virudhu Nagar

We meet our CBMC brothers every Saturday morning for a wonderful time of praying, sharing and fellowship. The revelations God gives us when we study His word is deep, thought provoking and life changing. The most precious time is when we pray together for each other. We have witnessed sicknesses healed, family and business related prayers answered. We are amazed at how God is using us when we make ourselves available for Him. We thank God for CBMC.

Ajay Jeyaraj - Trichy

One huge motivation was that those who had heard about CBMC and those who had attended CBMC in some other centre were very positive about this ministry and they were eager to be a part of CBMC Coimbatore!

Franklin - Coimbatore

The Introduction of CBMC came as refreshment along with great surprise.I came to know about CBMC when I attended a conference in Kodaikanal.It was a time when I needed a break from work and that seminar really helped me to find the purpose of business that I am doing now and the purpose of God restored upon me through this business. I never expected that we will start a small group in my location Tenkasi but God helped me and Bro.Abilash to start a group here in Tenkasi, two weeks after the seminar in Kodaikanal which I was thirsting for really long days and lack of fellowship was disturbing me. But now CBMC is a great breakthrough in my spiritual life which made me clearly understand that this is the time I need to minister and not to be ministered.

Gabriel - Tenkasi

I was introduced to CBMC by my brother in law (Mr. JebaKkani) who has been attending the gathering for the past few years. Being a Christian gathering I eagerly started attending the meetings. I would like to to Mention 3 key points that CBMC has influenced in my life.
1. God is the owner of my business. Being born and raised in a Christian family, I know God is the creator of everything, but when it comes to business I use to think that I'm the owner and God is helping me with the business. But coming to CBMC gave me the right perspective about the business - God is the owner and I am His Supervisor or the Representative of that Business. The former thought made me stressful at times, but the later gave me peace of mind, since He(God) is taking care of everything and He is in complete control over everything that is happening as mentioned in Phil 1:6 (Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will continue to perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.)
2. Two way communication Usually while sharing the word of God, it will be a One Way Communication and even when we don't agree with the things we hear, we are bound to keep ourselfs quite and listen to what is been preached. But in CBMC we have got the privilege of two way communication, to clear our doubts then and there it arises which is very much helpful for me in growing deep in the scriptures.
3. Preaching CBMC also gave me a Stage to Share the Word of God(Preaching), which actually for me is a big deal, helping me in breaking the stage fear and share my scriptural insight with others.
Praise God for CBMC. Hats off to the CBMC team in carrying out such wonderful ministries and reaching out Business men. I am glad I am a part of it now.


Mr Markkandeyan, 32 years old, was born with normal eyesight like every others. He enjoyed his vision until the age of 10. He lost his vision totally when he was 12 years of age, due to denied illness. God who cares for the uncared led him to a Christian Blind School, and he was nurtured there till class 8. As a teen, he produced scented sticks (agarbathis) and earned lot of money. Soon he became an alcoholic and a smoker. Then he was found to have TB and was counting days to breathe his last. A pastor prayed and led him to Christ. He regained his health miraculously. Since then, he started to grow in the Lord's fellowship and weekly leadership meetings. He found his purpose of living - to present and reveal Christ to the fellow brethren. Since then, he started to serve the Lord in order to redeem his fellow brothers in Madurai, who are still in darkness not only due to their blindness but because of their ignorance of the true Light - Jesus! He faithfully ministries to the blind every day, now! Leading them to the Light!

- Mr Markkandeyan

Mr. Augustine Sangma, a business man from Tura, Meghalaya, after attending the leadership conferences, he says that he was able to understand the purpose of God in his business. He feels that he has a role to play in the expansion of Kingdom of God at the marketplace. He started organising Bible camps for the church dropouts, and for the drunkards in his area. In one such camp on March '14, he witnessed about 30 drunkards who accepted Jesus Christ and decided to attend the church regularly. Today, Mr. Augustine is very active in the mission work beside his regular business.

- Mr. Augustine Sangma

Mr. Samuel Mashi from Chandigarh he is the managing director of Blue Bell catering PVT Limited. When he came to know about CBMC fellowship in the year 2013, he jointed and attendent the group regularly. Day by day God increased his territory. Now he's well known caterer in this region. Recently he opened a new restaurant in Chandigarh and in that restaurant he has opened for CBMC fellowship group to be conducted regularly. Under his company 200 staffs are working he is passionate for their blessings.

- Mr. Samuel Mashi

Praise be to my Lord Saviour ! By His immeasurable grace ,the participation in CBMC commenced from Jan 2015, the study and the discussions followed, opened my spritual eyes to the depth in the verses and made me sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Besides sessions and counsellings conducted were very fruitful. The counselling on handling depts was indeed appealing. It helped me to control and overcome some of my financial crisis.The sessions have moulded my personality to be in Christ and to be a bold witness to others. Bro.Richard's humble approach and teaching reached me, and his words GOD IS AT WORK keeps ringing in my ears. Earlier I thought spritual life and business are separate. But through this fellowship in CBMC I came to know that spirituality & business can be merged and we can prove to be a God's tool and witness at work. I thank god for this oppurtunity!!. By Dr. C. Vasanth Thomas. CBMC meetings and seminars taught many more lessons to my personal and business life. It gives me more intimacy with Jesus Christ and also shaping my medical practice. My partner in business cheated me last year. I was not able to forget his cheating. I was not able to concentrate in my practice. More tension occupied my mind. I prayed for that problem but was not able to come over it.

- Dr. C. Vasanth Thomas

One fine day I attended CBMC meeting. Jesus spoke with me to forgive him from Mathew chapter 18:21, 22. Suddenly my heart broke and I prayed to Jesus; God please help me to forgive my partner who cheated me in my business. Also we prayed for him and his family. Now I am able forget all his cheatings. My mind relaxed and able to concentrated in my regular activities and family prayer. I got back from him, that maximum lost amount. God leads us in the right way through CBMC. Thank God and thank CBMC.

- Dr. M. Vijayaraghavan.